The International Academy of WingChun (IAW)

Headquarters: Grandmaster, Sifu Klaus Brand

The International Academy of WingChun is a community of individuals, Workgroups, and Academies that train the self-defense system created by Sifu Klaus Brand who refined what he learned after years of martial arts experience and deep analysis.   We keep a culture that is friendly, open-minded, and likes functional training.  As a self-defense system, the training program in our Academy is comprehensive.  We not only train standing hand-to-hand combat but also ground techniques, weapons fighting, unarmed defense against stick or knife, and tactics against multiple attackers. The IAW uses a standardized ranking system as a guideline to keep students on the correct path.  Each rank consists of certain skills that every student is required to learn and progresses in difficulty and complexity.


International Academy of WingChun -US



Academy of WingChun Berkeley

Sije Yuka Yoshioka

Tuesday & Thursday: 7:30-9 pm, Saturday 11 am-12:30 pm

1380 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702


Academy of WingChun Santa Cruz

Sihing Carl Hettiger

Monday & Thursday: 7:30-9 pm

218E Mt Hermon Rd, Scotts Valley, CA 95066


Group Orleans

Matthew Cavin

Wednesday: 5-6:30 pm

Panamnik Building, 38150 Highway 96, Orleans, CA 95556

Sunday: 4-5:30 pm

Junction Elementary School, 98821 California 96, Somes Bar, CA 95568



Academy of WingChun Atlanta

Sihing Ayron Johnson & Sihing Kurk Johnson

Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 8-9 pm

Marietta Martial Arts, 2145 Roswell Road, Marietta, GA 30062



Group Baltimore

Aaron Begg

Ralph S. O’Connor Recreation Center, Johns Hopkins University, 3400 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218

Monday: 3:30-4:30 pm