KFM (Keysi Fighting Method)

The Keysi Fighting Method is an urban self-defense system, which has been featured in movies such as the Batman series, Jack Reacher, and Game of Thrones, etc.

The program is lead by Andrew Emerson, based on the KFM and his own military experience. The focus of his lessons is to recognize statistically predictable patterns of violent behavior among criminal assailants and exploit those patterns for the benefit of the defendant. He starts with a probable self-defense scenario, demonstrate an appropriate technique in response to that scenario, and develop that technique into a new instinct through repetition.

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Biography of Andrew Emerson

Andrew began studying martial arts as a college student, starting with Shotokan in 1999 and Goju-Ryu in 2002.

He joined the United States Air Force (USAF) in 2011, earning a Small Arms Expert award at Officer Training School (OTS) and serving as a Weapons and Tactics Analyst at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Andrew began studying BJJ, Wing Chun and Muay Thai between 2011 and 2013, but then returned to OTS as instructor in 2014, where he became an Air Force Combatives Program (AFCP) Senior Instructor.

In 2015, he was promoted to Master Instructor by Dave Durnil at the AFCP Center of Excellence (COE) at the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs. At that point, Andrew opened a new dojo, the first ever AFCP dojo for the Air National Guard. He also expanded the combatives curriculum at OTS and began training new instructors in addition to his own students. The new school employed 12 assistant instructors, teaching up to 256 students at a time, and served as a training hub where instructors from around the country come to learn how to start their own combatives programs.

Over the course of his career, Andrew has certified over 70 new instructors and taught over 3,700 students, including Air Force special operators such as TACPs and CROs. Andrew has earned over a dozen awards as an USAF instructor, including the 2016 “Instructor of the Year” Award as well as a Commendation Medal, two Achievement Medals, and a second Small Arms Expert award.

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