Self-Defense Tactics Class

Is Martial Arts actually useful when you are in danger?

Sports combat has rules. Your opponents are similar size and same gender. There are clear beginning and ending on each fight. In the presence of the referees, fair fights are expected. On the other hands, when you need to protect yourself on the street, your opponents are not going to play by the rule. The attackers chose you as a target because they see the unfair advantages against you. The beginning and ending are unclear, and most cases, target is a small person against big one, a woman against man, one against many, empty hands against weapons, and/or being attacked from the behind, etc.

Imagine yourself suddenly encounter danger. Maybe you know some moves against specific attacks. However, don’t expect from yourself too much. Your brain would most likely freeze for the moment. You may not be even able to recognize it as a danger immediately. You may not be able to move. You may not be able to speak. You may not remember how to respond.

Of course, learning techniques against specific attacks are crucial for the self-defense. However, getting a handle on your threat responses is also important on multiple levels. For example, leaning when to use the skills, how to conquer your fears, how to awaken your inner animals within you; – in order to enable you to walk away, resist, and survive from violent attacks.

In this program, we do not only aim to gain physical techniques against violence, but also train to practice for the possible scenarios, step by step, in a safe environment. Through little role plays and repetitions, you can start building your brain circuits and muscle memories, till your response happens at subconscious level, so called reflex. You are acquiring the self-defense mindset 1) situational awareness -observation and analysis of your opponents and surroundings, 2) confrontation skills with verbal and body language for de-escalation, and 3) only if no choice left, fight back for your safety. The physical techniques we teach in the classes are based on WingChun, which has been developed to fight against bigger and stronger opponents.

Through the training, you are getting prepared for many different and difficult situations. Once you developed your fighting instincts, when you are in danger, your awareness and response instantly causes hormonal and physiological changes. These changes allow you to act quickly, so you can protect yourself. It’s a survival instinct that all animals, including ourselves, possess naturally. Your heart rate gets faster, which increases oxygen flow to your major muscles. Your pain perception drops, and your hearing sharpens. These changes help you act appropriately and rapidly.