S.A.T (Special Applications Training) Program

S.A.T (Special Applications Training) Program expresses the essence from decades of martial arts expertise for your own security.

It seamlessly integrates the most practical aspects of the four WingChun forms, the weapon strategies of Escrima and specialized Combat training. Unlike other offerings through our school where you will train through application, solo exercises, partner exercises, and forms S.A.T classes are all application based. In other words you will only be applying techniques against attacks for the entirety of the class.

Everyone chooses how often and how much training is desired in S.A.T. There are no graduations or exams in the S.A.T. We train effective applications without a specific sequence or any limitations. The program includes unarmed applications, defense and use of a stick, knife, palm-stick, and tonfa, as well as control and locking technique.