WingChun techniques are deliverable regardless your body size or quantity of muscle. We are the diverse and awesome community who loves and enjoys to practice the art and science of self-defense, WingChun.

WingChun System

WingChun is a Chinese martial art and form of self-defense, originally developed in southern China approximately 300 years ago during the period of civil war that marked the transition between Ming and Qing Dynasties.

It was synthesized as a compact form of Kung Fu to exploit weaknesses inherent in the other combat styles of their time and give an advantage to smaller fighters, who did not have the benefit of size and strength.  This system was well-guarded and quietly passed on to only a few, very dedicated students, then evolving as it was adopted into various groups.  Nowadays, it gained popularity all around the world through the Bruce Lee or through the Ip Man series of movies.

The techniques of WingChun are very straight-forward, practical, and based on principles rather than displays of athleticism or power. It can be practiced by people of all sizes, ages, and degrees of athletic ability.  Training quality, consistency, determination, and experience are more relevant to your advancement in WingChun.

The majority of martial arts, in the modern world, have been converted to sports. In combat sports, techniques have been intentionally re-designed to fit the context of competitions.  The training methodologies are to win competitions within the given rules, not to cause the injury to the opponents. Our training is highly tuned into the context of self protection; we practice to end the conflicts as quick as possible.

WingChun Program

The core principle of WingChun is to directly attack the attacker. Rather than establishing a defensive mindset, you learn the proactive strategies, applications of all techniques via our comprehensive curriculum.  Each level is designed to gradually build your skills, knowledge and assurance.

Over time, WingChun creates the ability to understand the numerous ways of being attacked and build the quickest and most reliable response through a 2nd nature -reflex.

WingChun Benefits

WingChun refines your mind and body. Life requires fast decision-making everywhere under the uncertainty and pressure. WingChun teaches careful observation and precise perception of reality as well as trust in our intuition and guts to act based on our experience. Also in practice to work relentlessly towards goals. In effect, we can become more real, brave, passionate and ambitious. It leads us to live strong and free, full of energy and joy. The true fun of life is this continuous progress to realize how far out we can reach our potential.

WingChun Classes

Regular Classes form the foundation of your training. This is reinforced with monthly Special Classes (Escrima, Combat Classes, WingChun Seminars, Special Workshops, Technician Classes) as well as Private Lessons by request. In these programs, forms, solo exercises, and partner applications comprise an effective methodology to build your Self-Defense ability.