We are the diverse community who practice the art and science of self defense, WingChun with IAW -International Academy of WingChun- lineage.

WingChun System

WingChun applies unique principles and strategies to insure victory against a bigger and more aggressive opponent.  WingChun is based on using the body in an efficient and practical manner, against a variety of attacks. The techniques of WingChun are very straight-forward, practical, and based on principles rather than displays of athleticism or just raw power. Training quality, consistency, determination, and experience are more germane to your advancement in WingChun.

The majority of modern martial arts were at some point converted to sports. Especially in these combat sports, techniques have been intentionally re-designed to fit the context of competition.  The training methodology is to win competitions within the given rules. While we respect those arts and they produce tremendous fighters/athletes, we are more interested in the context of self protection and what it takes for anyone to be able to learn the skills of effectively defending and causing injuries to the bad guys. So simply put, we have no interest in sport or competition and the training environment reflects that. Oh yes, and having fun!

WingChun Program

Its founder, Sifu Klaus Brand, identified practical deficiencies and technical inconsistencies that limited in existing styles. Thus, he formulated a new system grounded in natural human biodynamics that strengthens your body and mind to quickly resolve violent encounters against physically superior aggressors.

The core principle of WingChun is to directly attack the attacker. Rather than establishing a defensive mindset, you learn the proactive strategies, applications of all techniques via our comprehensive curriculum.  Each level is designed to gradually build your skills, knowledge and assurance.

Over time, WingChun creates the ability to understand the myriad ways of being attacked and the most logical response through a 2nd nature. Practically speaking, our programs teach extensive information gathering through training the eyes and tactile reflexes. This insures the quickest and the also the most reliable response.

WingChun Benefits

WingChun refines your mind and body. Life requires fast decision-making everywhere under the uncertainty and pressure. WingChun teaches careful observation and precise perception of reality as well as trust in our intuition and guts to act based on our experience. Also in practice to work relentlessly towards  goals. In effect, we can become more real, brave, passionate and ambitious. It leads us to live strong and free, full of energy and joy. The true fun of life is this continuous progress to realize how far out we can reach our potential.

WingChun Classes

Regular Classes form the foundation of your training. This is reinforced with monthly Special Classes (S.A.T, Escrima, Combat Classes, WingChun Seminars, Special Workshops, Technician Classes) as well as Private Lessons by request. In these programs, forms, solo exercises, and partner applications comprise an effective methodology to build your Self-Defense ability.

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