Sije Yuka Yoshioka

Progress comes through diligent practice on basics.  If you are able to do the simple things perfectly, you can acquire the skills to do difficult things more naturally. WingChun practice gradually decreases your limb stiffness, then creates smoother motions with higher efficiency. I will help you to find your inner power and flow in WingChun!

Sije Yuka has the solid ability to identify what each student needs to focus on at each stage, and transmit it comprehensively, with 17 years of martial arts experience.  Prior to WingChun, she accumulated over a decade of practice in different styles, including Tae Kwon Do, Iai Do, Karate, etc. She can effectively addresses the benefits and challenges in various martial styles, body types, and the stages of life.

Sije Yuka is currently a First Technician Grade and Instructor Degree I in WingChun as well as a Serrada Level in Escrima. She is an academy leader at the Academy of WingChun Berkeley.

For more information, please visit her member spotlight.

Dai Sifu Klaus Brand

Sifu portrait

Sifu Klaus Brand is Founder of the International Academy of WingChun (IAW) and Grandmaster of WingChun. With 50 years of martial arts experience — the last 30 years as a WingChun professional — he tirelessly leads the IAW worldwide.

Sifu Brand breaks down every component of WingChun to its exact essence. Nothing that you learn from him is arbitrary. Everything he transmits has a definite Self-Defense purpose, function and meaning. Not only can he explain the theory of the art, but also demonstrate its logic at the highest level.

Based at the International Headquarters in Bruchsal, Germany, Sifu Klaus occasionally travels to conduct United States Event Series in Berkeley, California or Atlanta, Georgia.