“In WingChun, you are the weapon. Commanded by a trained mind, your body protects itself.”  

WingChun Membership Options

We offer new students an Intro Class (One Class or 2-Weeks).  You can find out the quality of skills you will acquire, and meet your prospective training partners, peer students, and instructors.  If you are the reasonable, cooperative, diligent, and unique individual, you are more than welcome to join us at Academy of WingChun Berkeley. Our Month-to-Month Membership is $125/month.


In Our Classes,

  • Learn Self Defense Concepts in a standardized format
  • Find out about your safe zone and what to do if an attacker enters it
  • Train simple guard positions to protect yourself and prepare to act
  • Develop a power connection between your legs, spine and arm
  • Become more confident to defend your body, health and life

Benefits of WingChun Membership

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  • Greater self-assurance in challenging situations
  • Improved posture, poise, and presence
  • Better alignment, balance, and coordination
  • Deeper understanding of your own body
  • Higher ability to focus, recall, and concentrate
  • More functional power and natural strength
  • New ways to resolve conflict and stress
  • Valuable techniques to avoid injury or worse
  • Useful strategies to maintain your health
  • Social outlets to improve your well-being
  • A path to holistic martial arts mastery