Welcome to the Academy of WingChun Berkeley

It’s very exciting for all of us to announce the beginning of new chapter for the Academy of WingChun Berkeley. Huge thanks to Dai Sifu Klaus for his strong support, kind words, and believing in us. Of course, we really appreciate the invaluable supports from WingChun students in Berkeley, who train together, sharing and loving the arts, passions, energy, and excitement.

As instructors, we do really get inspired and re-charged by the energy and excitement from each one of you during the class. We will do more than our best to make sure our students are well trained, cared and supported here at Academy of WingChun Berkeley. We can all grow together and continue building the fantastic community, filled with respect, trust, and fun.

WingChun is an amazing art of self-defense. Along with learning the techniques, we would like to live a life like WingChun. WingChun is a life-style. Toughing up inside and outside. Get stronger and live a life in full.

Sihing Tom Richards
Sije Yuka Yoshioka

The WingChun Academy Berkeley is leaded by Sije Dr. Yuka Yoshioka (PG) and Sihing Tom Richards (4th TG) since March 1st 2017. Sifu Paul Wang (5th TG) handed over, the task of leading the Academy, to two of his best instructors. I was very happy about this step.

Sihing Tom started his training under me in the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco in 1998, at a time when I flew to California five times a year, to establish WingChun on the US West Coast. We had seminars and demos in Santa Cruz, Berkeley, San Francisco, San Rafael, Rohnert Park, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Cupertino and San Jose. Sihing Tom was always a support for Sifu Paul and me for the leading of the Headquarters (IAW-HQ US). He is an examplary for the WingChun scene in the USA and, together with Sihing Carl Hettiger (4th TG, Academy Leader Santa Cruz), one of the two highest WingChun Students of Sifu Paul Wang.

Sije Yuka started in 2009. At this time we had already well-established the IAW in the USA. Sije Yuka was an enthusiastic and above-average, diligent student from day one. She participated in a WingChun Combat Class, in Santa Cruz in October 2009, as a Tae Kwon Do Black Belt and she started to train WingChun directly after this Combat Class. She is a proud fighter and she lives WingChun. Since April 2016 she heads the IAW US Office and I must emphasize that she fulfills this task with excellence.

Sije Yuka and Sihing Tom are highly qualified instructors and well prepared for this task.

Dai Sifu Klaus Brand

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